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“From Footprint to Mindprint: engaging values ….”

July 22, 2012

“From Footprint to Mindprint: engaging values for environmental behaviour change” was delivered by Owen Gibbon, Executive Adviser for WWF-UK at an event hosted by the Sustainable Consumption Institute entitled ‘Influencing Consumer Behavior’ (Church House Conference Centre, London) on March 16th, 2012.

Foodprint – Handprint !?  any questions !?

GOOD NEWS ! finally the broader thinking is picked up. I will send Owen this blog and so maybe we can discuss a wider Use and Meaning of the word “Mindprint” and maybe have him include next time also “handprints” !

His theme is very close to me – we discussed in Geneva with his collegues from WWF and many others around the GYC conferences in Geneva, so it looks like kindred thinking and wording is comming up.

I recommend his lecture very much but regarding lifestyles, diets, ways of thinking and acting collectively much more is already on the road, even more than presented by the Sustainable Consumption Institute, which fully resonnate with. It is good that we finally adress values and how they connect on the suface and in the deep.

So I will also include the link to our SURVIVAL  ACADEMY  CopenVegan performances and event in Copenhagen at the UN Climate COP15. So I feel we should not talk about a failure of Copenhagen, but of how we engage all stakeholder, how we exercise the International Conferencing and Convention Circus, with some do only their “conference hopping” avoiding to listen and share “handprints” and “mindprints” of others….

But fist, enjoy the video: 


I can also recommed this as we have to do some more “mindreading” soon ! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!

“Understanding the systems of the human mind in order to combat climate change” was delivered by Professor Geoffrey Beattie, SCI Professorial Research Fellow at an event hosted by the Sustainable Consumption Institute entitled ‘Influencing Consumer Behavior’ (Church House Conference Centre, London) on March 16th, 2012. See all presentations at


Dolphin Solutions revisited – Delphin Lösungen

July 9, 2012

In a discussion after Rio+20 last week I remembered the Project Dolphine Solutions.  And now in retrospect I feel it was the original and first book I know on Mindprints.  How better to explain what mindprints are and can do, than to revisit the book!!  The Robert Jungk Library in Salzburg was asked in the early 90ies to identify solution which are smart and can make a difference ! I contacted the publisher Peter Spiegel and we had lots of interesting discussion about what are such contribution that matter, that “bend the trend”, and reach higher plateaus of beauty, harmony, awareness, service,… and tackle issues which are overwhelming or we tend to ignore anyway, if not someone creates enough drama to alert us.

I recommend the book ! Check it out !!

But this is now 20 years ago ! What would be my proposals for a new edition today ! ? and who could help in a large team? to collects the best and the brightes ideas!

First come to mind: (sometimes I mention old solutions, forgotten ways and means which need revisiting or new combination)

1) Different ways to Participate, Deliberate and find Solutions

Different ways to negotiate and deliberate, listening and coming to solutions in community which are peacemaking and including. Here comes to mind the work of Alexander Christakis and others with their Structures Dialogic Design and Multi-track Diplomacy and Peacemaking, and my contributions in the field of facilitation formats around the Open Forum doing “magic roundtables” to invite and help people to empower, listen, co-create, in self-organised formats like you can find in Open Spaces (OST):

2) Cradle 2 Cradle (C2C) and Bluegreen (ZERI)

Michael Braungart speaks about Solutions that make you feel good and eager to contribute and serve, combining quality and with beauty instead of making people feel guilty because they polute or because they are to many already. Solution where you can make a difference. The Thing from ZERI (Gunther Pauli) is learning from Nature and Others by being smarter, using “intelligent” and “wise” solutions often adopted from nature and avoiding the old think, exploring Mindprints ! We recently made some experiments in the Cradle2Cradle Fesrtival and Exhibition in Berlin, maybe start here: to check the Open-Forum C2C event.   ZERI is well covered in the Youth-Leader Magazin, enjoy “MEGA Solutions”: “its all there“.

3) Our Mindsets, Frames of References, Imagination and Schemas and how we share, reflect and do “Science” 

Of utmost concern is to me the fixed mindset of academia and administrations, our science paradigm. In the last 20 or 50 years we have done immense overclaims and oversimplifications, do every day new tech-fixes when we should better rest a moment and check the Problem and Solution Spaces. The Complexity and Dynamics of the living System Earth and our Social- and Cultural Systems and their interaction is so overwhelming that we should better check if we know the frames of references and the elements involved. The present climate research and management hype leads to solutions like focussing on one element or “possible cause” or one technology like engines, without looking deeper and maybe revisiting other cultures or other “sciences” Extreme examples are for me the neglect of the soil-water-vegetation-athmosphere nexus by people who did not study the “original” Ecology, and that there is not only a shortage of oil, but phosphor and other ways like Terra Preta are tested over centuries to not only address the problems of sewer systems and drinkign water shortages, but how to do natural bio-carbon sequestation and coem to rich soils.  I will only mention to names here: Prof. Wilhelm Ripl and Dr. Haiko Pieplow. Both in Berlin but with international work and contacts to address with other mindsets critical global issues. Maybe check me mentioning them at GYC 2010 and GYC 2011 – in preaparation for Rio+20 ..

I have repetedly presented at Global Youth Conferences and the results have been always delivered directly to people in charge not only in the UN, industry, NGOs,.. who is reading anymore?

Recently I heard at the TEDxBerlin – check for a video – about the Book of Energy Achmed Khammas, just another example of what is all there and possible, if we would only open our eyes and ears and revisit other mindprints…

4) looking into old and new paradigms, solutions, good news, ….

And last not least, see also the History of Spreading Good News which I recently found again in the web… A good news is a sigfn of hope, to be able to make a difference that matter, and idea of example, maybe explained by a new or old Mindprint

LETS GO AND COLLECT DELPHINE SOLUTIONS – but not by reinventing the wheel of making again and again another collection or repository of the best possible and “new” but by finding ways to negotiate, bridge, compare, … what is already their but lost behind mindsets, verbiage, labels and hidden by new terms and turfs… This is by the way an old mandate done by science advisors 30 years ago to harmonize information. Unfortunately these scientists and advisors to governements and international organisations do not follow-up what they already agreed upon, but re-invent the wheel, give old stuff new names and think that a new technical trick will make the difference, forgetting that there were solutions even before the internet and even before BC.  Sorry I got moved away by my desperation. Looking again into

5. Infomation Harmonization and Open Repositories world be my next “5 cents”… if only people would listen, read, question, and so building and attention ecology and deliberating and co-creating beyond the need to agree. But there we are at No 1 above, in circles….

I have been giving in this blog on mindprints and how to share conretely with a near, far, and across and beyond competence that we need to revisit our frames of references, check our overlaps, and concretely map, model and share our positions, perspectives, observations. I only say Rubics Cube of Ecology and Cognitive Panorama here. maybe visit the blog entry below: at this page: