Mindprints and Thoughtprints

December 21, 2011

Surprise ! I just found a great Chirstmas surprise, an article with the title:

From Footprints to Thoughtprints: Changing what we do by changing how we think !” by Stephen K. Goobie. Very close to my think and work spaces so not wonder there is great synchronicity and common mindprints – or thoughtprints abound.
It was published in Green Teacher ! Winter 2011 and Mother Pelican already in May 2011. The greatest surprise is to find it in the same volume of Mother Pelican, paper 5, right before my contribution: Ignorance or Compassion?

Alerted I immediately ask “Mother Wikipedia” and find Forensic Thoughtprints as maybe the term mindprint we found late in the night in Bonn was a little “off” as it was with “aliens” who have not the propper command of the English Language…

But now I am convinced you can use both terms and maybe we can learn from its uses and start a dialog on what can be done with shared “prints” – patterns and schemas we create beyond the real and the already agreed.

I strongly recommend to read this: From Footprints Thoughtprints

and maybe “Show or Schau?” as this has lead me to think about the imaginary prints we create, share, and are responsible for ! – for the better or for the worse…

I recommend IGNORANCE or COMPASSION?  Limits and potentials of human concepts, maps and models with regard to nature , published in Ecological Awareness: Exploring Religion, Ethics and Aesthetics (Studies in Religion and the Environment) LIT publishers. Here more on the book and the articles “evolution” from: Missing Context in Modern Times, Outlining the Problematique of the Human Predicament and sharing Commons in a global Embodied Covenant, International Conference on Ecological Theology and Environmental Ethics, ECOTHEE, Orthodox Academy, Crete.

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